Prohibited and non-insurable items
Prohibited Items

Merchandise, substances and documents that do not comply with the legislation in the origin, destination and any of the transit countries.

Merchandise where the export from the origin country or the import into the destination country is prohibited.

Dangerous Goods:

Please note that even though a Road or Economy service has been selected the items may be dispatched by air and you should pay particular attention to the regulations regarding dangerous goods. Similarly, any items packed with ADR labels regardless of their actual content will be considered as a Prohibited Item.

All Dangerous Goods even in limited quantities including: Acids, Adhesive substances, Aerosols (ADR class), Agricultural chemicals, Ammunition, Bacteria, Camping gas, Coals, Corrosive materials, Dry Ice, Diving tanks (Sub aqua), Fire extinguishers, Firecrackers, Fireworks, Flammable liquids, Flammable perfumes, Flammable substances, Flares, Gasoline lighters, Gunpowder, Hydrochloric acid, Items containing Compressed Gases, Lighter fluids, Lighters, Magnetized products, Mercury compounds, Mercury, Motors, Oil based paints, Oxidizing substances, Oxygen-generating chemicals, Peroxides including bleaching powders, Pesticides, Phosphors, Radioactive materials, Toxic and infectious substances, Viruses, Wet batteries and other items not listed that do not comply with ADR. More information can be found at


Arms, Ammunition, Military equipment and any similar goods
Animals, pets or wild - alive or dead
Biological samples
Cash, credit cards, stamps, cheques and lottery tickets
Human remains, cremated or disinterred
Opium and its derivatives, marijuana, cocaine and other narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
Original works of art 
Perishable Goods
Precious Jewellery
Prescription medicines
Shipments prohibited by law


You can help to ensure that your package arrives safely and your insurance rights are not invalidated by:

•    Using an adequate strong, rigid box suitable for the contents to be shipped
•    Wrapping all items to be placed in the package separately
•    Using adequate cushioning material between items in the package
•    Using strong tape designed for shipping packaging
•    Removing any old box labels that are not applicable 
•    Making sure there is an address label that has clear, complete delivery and return information
•    Placing a duplicate address label inside the packaging or suitcase
•    Adding an attached luggage tag when sending suitcases
•    We recommend that you take photos of the package before and after closing

Non-Insurable Items
Arms, Ammunition, Military Equipment and any similar goods
Bagged Goods (Non-Containerised)
Documents, Bonds, Deeds, Manuscripts, Passports, Securities and Plans
Containers and suitcases sent without protective packaging
Bulk and Break Bulk Cargoes
Hazardous, Restricted or Controlled Goods
Motor Vehicles
Precious Metals and Stones
Scrap Metals
Stamps and Treasury Notes

Unprotected or Unpacked Goods
All items on the prohibited items list

Limited Insurance  (Maximum compensation in brackets)

Computer Games (200€)
Computer Chips, CPUs and Circuit Boards (500€)
Communication Devices such as PDAs, (750€)
Food parcels not requiring special handling conditions (200€)
Hand Held Computer (750€)
Glassware, Ceramics, Marble and similar fragile Goods (100€)
Mobile Telephones (750€)
Paintings and Artwork (250€)
I-Pods (200€)
Plasma Screens (250€)
Perfumes (200€)
Personal effects inside Suitcases or boxes (500€)
Television, DVD and Hi-Fi Equipment (250€)

Business clients may request increased cover if they send any of these "Limited Insurance" items on a regular basis.