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Penelope D
02 10 2017
I was quite nervous about a couple of issues, but my emails were answered immediately. The communication was excellent. I would re...
25 09 2017
Very refreshing to speak to a business that is passionate in providing excellent service not just in logistic and wanted to work w...
Nicolas Street
10 11 2017
I was very happy with the service that I used for the first time. Parcel ABC website was clear and easy to navigate I will recomma...
Ben Johan
11 11 2017
Easy to use ParceABC. Just 3 steps: Quote, book and pay!
14 09 2017
Simple, easy and most important - very good price. Thank you!
10 10 2017
I left my keys in a hotel in Spain and when I got home I contacted Parcelabc. They were great as they picked my keys up from the h...
Each parcel is insured. If you need extra cover, this is available through our partners up to 5000 EUROS.
Door to door. We will take your parcel from anywhere in the world and deliver it to wherever it needs to go. We are joining the best and major international and local carriers from all countries.
Our online system which tracks empty spaces with various carriers, will select optimal routing options for your parcel in terms of price and time. If you know another company who offers a lower price than we do, please contact us and we will give you a better offer.
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